28 October 2014

I highly doubt that Corey Lewis, famed creator of comic gems such as Sharknife, Seedless, Peng, etc, needs any introduction.  And so to any of you who don't already know who he is, get on it, cuz hes a rad dude and is one of my best buddies :D  I miss ya dude, and am looking forward to seeing you next time I come up to visit (I really do need to come up to ECCC again).  Go check out his comics and follow him on twitter @kenby and what not.

In other news, my descent into madness continues.  Over 3 weeks of continuous pain with no relief weighs heavy on the mind, and the thin walls holding us back from The Horror grow thinner by the day.  Hopefully this subsides soon and I can get back to just doing comics :D



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